Cello Lessons Los Angeles

I've been studying cello with Helen for over 5 years now and I couldn't be happier. She is an incredible cello teacher, an incredible pedagogue, and a fun, wonderful, sensitive, and compassionate person. I am one of Helen's adult students. She's obviously great with her younger students (who comprise the bulk of her students) but she's no less wonderful with her adult students. She makes everything about studying an instrument, and music in general better, deeper, and more fun. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is the best!

- Elliott Goldkind

I found Helen on a whim looking for a cello teacher in Los Angeles. She was the first to come up in a google search. Truly the luckiest google search ever. I've been taking weekly lessons with Helen for 2+ years now. I've had lots of music teachers in my life, but I've never really loved having a music teacher until I met Helen. She is smart, funny, patient and kind, and she is incredibly talented.

A short bit about me so that you know where this review is coming from. I'm an older student, but I grew up with Suzuki violin. I'd always wanted to play the cello, and there was one gathering dust in my closet for years, but I had never taken it on seriously. I knew I'd never play professionally, but now I wanted to play well. I was looking for a teacher than could help me learn to read music (tenor and bass clef especially), how to play with others (duets and chamber music), and to get over my Suzuki stigma and just enjoy playing for myself. I also couldn't commit a lot of time, and needed some flexibility with my lessons.

I got so much more than I expected with Helen. She has a profound knowledge of music and the cello. I thought I would just learn intonation and some sight reading, and instead I have learned how to think about how to learn music. She's taught me how to practice, how to break things down into technical and masterable bits and therefore how to learn whole pieces. She's taught me how the cello sounds, and how to be unafraid with practice and performance. These are all lessons of a great teacher.

But her work with students is not only one on one. Every year she organizes recitals that involve all of her students and their families. I was reluctant to play initially, I wasn't interested in performance, but the group of people that participate is inspiring and supportive. I've played with her other students, and in the last couple of years I've seen her younger students develop immensely. They shine, and I wish I had had her as a teacher when I was young.

I cannot recommend Helen highly enough. I wish I could send everyone I know to her to learn how to play the cello not only because it's the loveliest instrument on earth, but everyone should play music in some form or another, and learning with Helen is a joy.

- Laura Bouwman

My son Liam has been studying cello with Helen for six years - starting in 4th grade when he joined orchestra at Franklin Elementary school! Now that he's in high school cello has become a wonderfully organic part of his life, and our family's too. He's an average kid (not a musical genius) but Helen's patient and inspired nurturing has brought out cello playing that really comes from his soul. Liam's not only learned to play cello at a more sophisticated level, but his musical education of composers and classical/baroque era also fills a gap in his cultural education that public school has failed to address. We love attending the two recitals each year, and love being a part of Helen's "cello family" which ranges from tiny kids to deeply gifted adults who also play music professionally. Helen is a warm and sensitive teacher who tailors lessons to each of her students, and I have seen everyone flourish and blossom under her tutelage.

-Martha Burr

I owe all my cello playing abilities to this teacher. She is so encouraging and I looked forward to every lesson because she made learning an instrument, for me, a genuinely fun and inspiring experience. Helen is not only a teacher, she is more like a best friend to me. I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone, young or old, who wants a great creative experience that will change their artistic life!

- Sophia Arias

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